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Interview with
the Artist
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Contact and Ordering Information

Pricing information is shown below. If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please contact me either via phone or email:

Beth Gregelein
phone: 1-719-749-0383

Sculpture Name Catalog # Price
"Phoenix" TT0045 Call for price
"Gabrielle" TT0046 $350.00
"Lancelot" TT0050 $900.00
"Willamette" TT0051 $1000.00
"Duchess" TT0055 Call for price
"Bejold" TT0057 $850.00
"Bilbo" TT0058 $800.00
"American Monarch (A.M.)" TT0062 $800.00
"Noah" TT0070 $650.00
"Isis" TT0071 $350.00
"Arthur" TT0072 $350.00
"Guineviere" TT0073 $180.00
"Moonswing" TT0077 $850.00
"Bilbo" TT0079 $650.00